Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising Trailer

You can reach out to more than 300 000 people per week and more.

Mobile advertising trailers are more effective than newspapers, brochures, letterbox drops, flyers ,handbills ,magazines ,community ads and other online/web platforms.

Mobile trailers reach directly to your target market and are flexible to focus on your specific target areas

Our mobile billboard trailers are very large in size which makes them very eye catching and they can carry as much detail as clients want.

They are very flexible and they can be strategically positioned at effective spots ,main roads, intersections, public events, stadiums etc

The mobile advertising trailers take advantage of the morning traffic and late afternoon traffic

The mobile advertising trailers are noticeable and eye catching to pedestrians, drivers and all public transport

They can be positioned right at your business premises

Why mobile advertising?

* The use of modern outdoor advertizing has grown rapidly as the amount of road traffic has increased on the roads and on the streets

* They make use of every second either they are parked or moving they still make money for you. They is no wasted advertising which in turn means great value for your money

* Eliminates your Competitors-When we promote your business, campaign or specials we only focus on you alone ,we strategically position our mobile billboard trailers where they are easily noticed , unlike newspapers where every business inserts is chunked inside.

* Are mobile billboards are not sky-high, but they are at eye-level, this means they can be read easily and people can even take pictures with their phone for further details and inquiries.

* Our mobile billboards are very large, unusual, and unique hence they easily draw attention and the attention goes to what is being promoted or advertised on them

* Our mobile billboard trailers are so public that they make your campaign very credible.

How you may be losing customers or clients without knowing:

* Not everybody shops online so if you rely on online advertising you stand a great chance of losing other clients ,also with thousands of advertisements and promotions online it may cost way more to subdue your competitors.

* Do the new people in the area easily familiarize with your business as they drive and move around in the area.

* Have you really announced your arrival in the area ?

* Are your specials and promos reaching to as many people as it possible?