Mobile Advertising Trailer


  • You can reach out to more than 300 000 people per week and more.
  • Mobile advertising trailers are more effective than newspapers, brochures, letterbox drops, flyers, handbills, magazines, community ads and other online/web platforms.
  • Mobile trailers reach directly to your target market and are flexible to focus on your specific target areas
  • Our mobile billboard trailers are very large in size which makes them very eye catching, and they can carry as much detail as clients want.
  • They are very flexible, and they can be strategically positioned at effective spots, main roads, intersections, public events, stadiums etc
  • The mobile advertising trailers take advantage of the morning traffic and late afternoon traffic
  • The mobile advertising trailers are noticeable and eye catching to pedestrians, drivers and all public transport
  • They can be positioned right at your business premises